High-end energy solutions

This is what we do in a nutshell.
Monitoring and Analysis

Airborne inspection of electricity infrastructure. Assessing the state of poles, lines, insulators, transformers and other equipment

Technical Consultation

Technical Design of 0.4-800 kV power lines, Electrical installations, Substations, Communication lines, Street lighting

GIS platforms and systems

Geographic Information Systems, DSM, DTM, Visualization, Geodesy, Data processing and classification

Wind & solar energy farms

Grid solutions, Optimization, Development, Project Management


Construction of low and middle voltage cables, substations, installations, indoor electrical installations


Planning and route selection for overhead lines, land and sea cables, wind parks and energy farms


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Focus, Ideology & Passion

We are a young and dynamic team passionate about changing the Energy Sector.

The transition towards an Energy Sector requires intelligent solutions to ensure efficient and reliable transport of energy from the point of production to the consumer. A multi-disciplinary approach is called for.

Our goal is to offer full package of services to cover all development and implementation stages to make client`s dreams real with reasonable price for the client.

Take a look at the volume of each topic we concentrate on in our average projects.

  • Power grids

    Monitoring and analysis, technical design, construction

  • Green energy

    Wind & Solar, Development projects, project management

  • planning

    Route selection for Energy grids

  • GIS

    Models. Visualization. Geodesy. Data processing

Our Team

Meet the people who make it all happen.
Henri Klemmer
Henri Klemmer

Business Manager

+372 51 79 698
Power Engineer, M. Sc

Expert on overhead power lines. Head of companys operations, project management, energy related technical consultation.
Andrus Oitsalu
Andrus Oitsalu

Head of Energy Department

+372 50 32 427
Power Engineer, M. Sc

Andrus is a well experienced Energy expert and Project Manager for competetive big-scale projects both internationally and locally.

Project Manager

+372 55 43 934
Power Engineer, B. Sc

Rauno is our super fast and precise project manager who’s specialities are making agreements with landowners.
Sander Kulp
Sander Kulp

Project Manager/Designer

+372 53 046 046
CAD Designer

Sander is passionate CAD designer of power grids and street lighting while being a student in Tallinn University of Technology.
Peeter Turnau
Peeter Turnau

Project Manager/Designer

+372 59 000 918
CAD Designer, B. Sc

Next to energy related design, Peeter is a skilled fencing master and doing his Power Engineering Master’s studies in Tallinn’s University of Technology.
Mihkel Oitsalu
Mihkel Oitsalu


+372 50 54 620
Mihkel is our technical designer, always looking for challenging assignments.

Sales & Marketing Manager

+372 58 104 889
Marketing, M. Sc

Keili’s experience and know-how comes from leading marketing and sales strategys for different start-ups internationally.

Mr or Ms X

+372 53 046 046
We are always open to new and interesting offers – please do not hesitate to take contact!

Assistant? Project Manager? Expert? CAD Designer? Trainee? …

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